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What Will Your Attorney Recommend after You Receive a DUI?

  • Published: June 14, 2017

Interviewer: Let’s say I’ve got a DUI and at I contact you. What are you going to recommend to me, from the start?

Your Attorney Will Contact Motor Vehicles within the Required 10 Day Period

Paul Geller: So first and foremost I want to make sure that within the first 10 days we contact, well let me correct that, that I contact the DMV on behalf of my client. There’s a notice that says you won’t be able to drive for 30 days from date of arrest. That will not necessarily be the case.

Most Times, He or She Will Extend Your Ability to Drive beyond 30-Days Following the Arrest

Sometimes there are reasons that we may want to initiate that suspension 30 days later. Depending on the person’s circumstances, 99% of the time we will extend the ability to drive beyond those 30 days. But those first 10 days are critical because if I do not contact the DMV or if the person does not contact the DMV and take proper steps with them then that suspension for a minimum of 4 months is automatic beginning 30 days later.

Your Attorney Can Assist with Any Issues That Arise in Your Employment Following a DUI

So that’s the first thing. Second I want to be able to see all the paperwork that was provided, and then third I try as much as possible to explain to my clients that they need to get back to their everyday routine.

I’ve represented professionals in the legal, medical field, et cetera, who may have some notice that they received from their employer, and I assist in that as much as I possibly can. I work to be a buffer and a communicator for my clients to make sure that their professional livelihood is intact and I can guide them through any issues that may come about there as well.

But it’s very difficult and I do understand that this can be a traumatic experience oftentimes for most people who have not had any contact with the police. It’s critical that the proper steps are taken right away and that there’s a rapport and a trust be built up between myself and my client. I work only with an assistant. That is an aspect that puts me apart, I think, from other attorneys that handle DUIs or any other type of criminal case.

How Accessible Is Your Attorney While a Case Is Pending? Is the Attorney You Retain the One That Will Be Handling Your Case?

I am the person that my client can call or contact or communicate with during regular business hours unless I’m in court. Shortly thereafter, I am the one that calls the client. I am the one that meets with the client. I am the one who talks to the client if there’re problems that come about during the process. My clients can reach me after hours, on the weekends.

The phone calls come to me and the emails come to me so they’re not getting handed off in the similar way that some quote, unquote DUI mills operate. Where you may hire the law offices of so-and-so but you have no idea who is handling your case.

How Public Is a DUI Charge?

Interviewer: How public is a DUI going to be? Will family, friends, and work find out?

Arrests in Smaller California Communities May Be Publicized

Paul Geller: They typically will not. However there are some smaller communities or cities that do oftentimes post on their blogs the arrests of people. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do to prevent that. There are also subscription services that some attorneys are participants of. They obtain bookings of arrestees and then they sell that information to other lawyers who oftentimes will send out mass mailers.

You May Receive Direct Mail from Attorneys Offering Low-Cost DUI Defense

They typically heavily discount their fees or quite frankly offer promises that can not necessarily be followed through on. And unfortunately in criminal law or DUI law, just like anything else, you get what you pay for so people should be very aware and skeptical when they are offered something that is too good to be true.

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