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Proficiently Representing Clients in Appellate Court

Southern California Criminal Appeals LawyerDefendants have a right to appeal convictions. If your legal rights or constitutional rights were violated, it may be possible to get a new trial or reversal of the conviction. A Southern California criminal appeals attorney from The Law Offices of Paul S. Geller can assess your case to determine if any grounds exist for an appeal. Mr. Geller strongly represents clients in state and federal courts in California.

Common grounds for criminal appeals include:

  • Ineffective assistance of counsel
  • Newly discovered evidence that could change the outcome of the case
  • The defendant was not properly advised of the maximum penalties and other consequences

In the appeals process, we are asking the Court of Appeal to take a specific action. Depending on the circumstances of the case, we may be asking the court to reopen the case, reverse the conviction, or examine an error by the trial court. One prime example of this is improper sentencing.

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Appealing Misdemeanor & Felony Convictions

In order to appeal a misdemeanor conviction, a Notice of Appeal must be filed within 30 days of the judgment or order of the court, such as the probation and sentencing date. Reasons for appeal of a misdemeanor conviction include situations that affected your substantial rights, such as enforcement of probation convictions, modifications, and revocations of probation. A defendant is entitled to bail or release from custody pending the appeal of a misdemeanor conviction.

Felony convictions are appealed by filing a Notice of Appeal within 60 days after judgment or order of the court. When a plea of guilty or nolo contendre/no contest was taken, a certificate of probable cause must be obtained from the trial court. In some cases, bail may be possible pending the appeal.

Strong Representation for Your Appeal

We are highly competent at handling complex legal matters. Reviewing a trial or case for appeal is an intense and laborious undertaking. Your Southern California criminal appeals lawyer will work closely to examine every possible outcome to determine the optimum path for appealing the conviction. We obtain the court file, probation reports and records, police reports, and information from the trial court attorneys to thoroughly evaluate your case and examine all avenues of potential success.

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