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If you have been charged with a DUI in Southern California Court, our office knows how to help. It is important to know not only how to fight DUI charges in Southern California Court, but also how prosecutors, judges and the system in Southern California Court operate. Often times, maneuvering your DUI in Southern California Court leads to positive results just as much as knowing how to fight with the knowledge of DUI laws.

Many people go through the unfortunate process of being arrested for a DUI – it is not that uncommon. Everyday, more and more aggressive police departments are trying to remove intoxicated drivers from the road (with or without the legal grounds for arrest, and whether or not those persons are really intoxicated or driving under the influence/DUI). As the population grows, more and more people are being accused of this crime – and it is being treated as a crime! Multiple DUI offenders and felony DUI offenders are facing stiffer and stiffer penalties, including the strong possibility of local jail time or even state prison. A DUI conviction can even be problematic when looking for a new job during a background check. A DUI arrest can also cause the automatic SUSPENSION of your driver’s license, unless the proper steps to stop that from happening are taken.

Just as complicated as the processes during a DUI case, hiring a DUI lawyer can be arduous and painstaking. There are many attorneys claiming to be able to handle your case, some charging either ridiculously small amounts of money (hoping to plead you guilty quickly in one appearance so they can move onto the next case) or ridiculously large amounts of money (taking advantage of your fears) for little work.

As a former prosecutor and a long time DUI Attorney, having handled hundreds of DUI cases, it is the goal of the Law Offices of Paul S. Geller to see that your case is given the proper attention and examination that you would expect from a DUI lawyer, especially in Southern California Court where our office handles cases almost everyday.

Whether it is fighting the DMV to try to save your driver’s license from being suspended, to fighting your case in Southern California Court, you will know that you are being handled professionally, thoroughly, and we will fight to do all we can to battle your DUI charges.

Please visit the other pages of our site and the related links below to gain a deeper understanding of how we handle our DUI cases and our clients, and know that we are available any time for questions or consultations.

Why Us? There are many things that need to be done to accurately, thoroughly and aggressively defend someone in a DUI case (such as checking the accuracy of the breath testing machines used, retesting the blood sample if one was provided, examining the police officer’s radio transmissions to test the accuracy of their reports, visiting the scene or checking maps of the arrest location, checking the location where the field sobriety tests (FSTs) were conducted), and our office will do all that we can while we fight for your rights!

Do not just plead guilty to “get it over with”. You have rights – and a DUI conviction can be detrimental to your professional career and personal rights. Hire a lawyer that truly cares and can fight for you! We are here for that reason!

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