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Many people think that DUI (driving under the influence) is not a serious crime. This is simply untrue. Many people have learned the hard way that a DUI conviction can lead to the loss of one’s driving privileges and can result in some very serious time spent in jail or prison. Both law enforcement and the prosecution do not want to risk countless other lives due to a possible DUI accident. They will seek the maximum punishment if a person is convicted, in hopes of deterring them and others from driving under the influence in the future.

The very first step a person should take to fight a DUI or field sobriety tests, blood and breath tests is to hire a Norwalk DUI attorney right from the start. An immediate investigation can begin to look for evidence that may be beneficial to the outcome of a person’s case. An experienced Norwalk DUI lawyer can challenge and negotiate DUI accusations in the effort to have charges lowered or dismissed entirely. At the Law Offices of Paul S. Geller we are committed to providing our clients with outstanding DUI defense strategies in hopes of clearing their name. Please contact us today if you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI in Norwalk, California.

The Law Offices of Paul S. Geller provides superior legal advice, guidance and representation for clients at the Norwalk Courthouse and during the DMV Hearing process. Please contact a Norwalk DUI lawyer at our firm immediately to begin the steps towards protecting you or a loved one’s driving privileges and freedom.

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