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It is not uncommon for many people go through the unfortunate process of being arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles. Everyday, increasingly aggressive law enforcement agencies are trying to remove intoxicated drivers from the road (with or without probable cause for arrest, and whether or not those persons are truly intoxicated or driving under the influence/DUI). Multiple DUI offenders and felony DUI offenders are facing harsher penalties, including the strong possibility of local jail time or even state prison. A DUI conviction can even be troublesome when looking for a new job, such as during a background check. A DUI arrest can also cause the automatic SUSPENSION of your driver’s license, unless the necessary steps are taken to prevent that from happening.

Just as difficult as dealing with your DUI case, hiring a DUI lawyer can be daunting. There are many DUI attorneys in Los Angeles claiming to be capable of effectively handling your case, some charging either absurdly small amounts of money (hoping to plead you guilty in one appearance so they can move onto the next DUI case) or obscenely large amounts of money (taking advantage of your fears) for little work.

As a former Los Angeles District Attorney and a long time DUI Lawyer, having handled hundreds of DUI cases, it is the goal of the Law Offices of Paul S. Geller to see that your case is given the proper attention and examination that you would expect from a DUI attorney, especially in Los Angeles Court where our office handles cases on a daily basis.

Why Us? There are many things that need to be done to accurately and aggressively defend someone in a DUI case (such as checking the accuracy of the breath testing machines used, retesting the blood sample if one was provided, examining the police officer’s radio transmissions to test the accuracy of their reports, visiting the scene or checking maps of the arrest location, checking the location where the field sobriety tests (FSTs) were conducted), and our office will do all that we can while we fight for your rights.

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