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How Does Having Experience As A Prosecutor Help In These Cases?

  • Published: May 26, 2017

Having knowledge of how the prosecution handles their cases is highly valuable because when the case is vertically prosecuted, we typically know the prosecutor who is handling it from the outset of the investigation, not just once the case has been filed.

In a normal criminal charge, the accused would come to me and say they had been arrested but at that point we may or may not even know who the prosecutor is until we got to court. In sex crimes, I would know who the supervising attorneys are.

The second I know which prosecutors are assigned to a case, I am able to contact them upon the initial complaint with the police officer, because the prosecutors are usually involved right from the outset.

I have family members who worked in law enforcement as well and who also worked these types of cases. I also know a lot of investigators in various agencies around Southern California that work for different police agencies that work these types of cases.

Having that inside track to these people and, therefore, trying to get as much information as possible ahead of time and providing them with information to assist in their investigation of what really occurred is imperative.

Having that inside line is highly valuable and I have had many cases and much success being able to act quickly. I am able to present a more thorough investigation rather than simply gathering evidence that leads to guilt, so that prosecutors have a better, more complete picture of what occurred which oftentimes leads to cases not being filed at all.

Sometimes, we are able to talk about other types of charges than what was initially thought of, and those other charges are not quite as damaging to my client because perhaps they do not involve registering on the internet as a sex offender or it doesn’t not have to be published, so really having that inside track is important.

How To Get Back To Normal Life After Being Suspected Of A Sex Crime?

These cases are so highly emotionally charged that it takes a lot of involvement from the lawyer and a lot of immediate communication. Sometimes clients come into my office and we sit down and discuss the case multiple times right from the get go.

I am typically involved very heavily for weeks, sometimes months on end before the case even finds the courtroom, in order to alleviate emotional fears and make sure we are taking the proper steps to protect the client’s interests and rights. Every case is different and it depends on the nature of the allegation.

The accused should get back to their everyday routine and should not stop going to work or doing whatever they normally do. However, they certainly should not speak to anyone about the case or the allegations against them.

Someone who does ask about it should just be directed to the attorney, whether that was an employer or law enforcement. The person should not make any statements. It is just a good idea to go about your everyday routine and certainly, not have any contact with any alleged victim.

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