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Formidable Counsel from Our Southern California White Collar Crime Lawyer

Crimes that involve financial gain and cause loss or harm to the victim can result in fraud charges. If you need an experienced and knowledgeable Southern California white collar crime lawyer, The Law Offices of Paul S. Geller can help. Mr. Geller is a former local prosecutor with an intimate understanding of how the state of California approaches these cases. Our firm is ready to assess the details of your charges and ensure that your rights and interests vigorously protected both in and outside the courtroom.

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Understanding Fraud Offenses

Under California law, fraud can be defined as a number of different actions. Most involve financial gain of some kind and are classified as white collar crimes. A conviction can result in serious penalties and, in some cases, even include additional charges such as theft and perjury.

The following offenses can be considered fraud crimes:

  • Insurance Fraud – We represent clients charged with automobile insurance fraud, unemployment insurance fraud, health insurance fraud, welfare fraud, Medi-Cal, and workers’ compensation fraud.
  • Forgery & Identity Theft – This may include forging or counterfeiting a public seal, driver’s license, internet fraud, and false personation.
  • Real Estate & Mortgage Fraud – These charges relate to real estate transactions and include foreclosure fraud, predatory lending schemes, illegal property flipping, and straw buyer schemes, forging deeds, phantom help, and rent skimming schemes.
  • Fraud Involving Elders – This type of fraud may include nursing home fraud and senior fraud involving home repair schemes, telemarketing schemes, and other fraud targeting elderly people.
  • Financial Fraud – Gaining financial benefits through credit card fraud, check fraud, and securities fraud.
  • Miscellaneous Fraud Charges – Charges may include handicapped parking fraud, vehicle registration stickers, mail fraud, and gambling fraud.

Fraud crimes are wobblers, which means the crimes can either be charged as felonies or misdemeanors. The specific facts of the case and criminal history of the defendant influence how the crime is charged. Some fraud offenses may be federal crimes, so the defendant can be prosecuted in state and federal court. We represent clients in both state and federal courts.

Defense for Fraud Charges

The penalties for conviction can result in large fines, time in jail or prison, and other penalties. For example, legal residents can be deported and some cases can result in suspension or revocation of professional licenses. Some possible defenses can include entrapment, mistaken identify, and a lack of fraudulent intent. Our firm is ready to assess the specific details of your case and determine the strategies that place the best possible outcome in this matter within reach.

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