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Murder or homicide are among the most serious criminal charges in California. A conviction can impact the rest of your life. If you or a loved one is facing homicide or murder charges, call The Law Offices of Paul S. Geller without hesitation. Our Southern California homicide attorney has represented countless clients charged with serious and violent crimes for nearly 20 years.

Murder under California Law

California law defines murder as killing a human being with malice aforethought. The law draws distinctions between homicide and murder. Homicide can refer to either lawful or unlawful killings, such as manslaughter, murder, and justifiable homicide. Murder is aggravated homicide. Malice is necessary to classify the killing as murder, rather than homicide.

Murder charges may include:

  • First-degree murder – defendants may face this charge for committing a murder using a device or inflicting torture or killing in a willful, premeditated, and deliberate manner.
  • Capital murder – this is first-degree murder with special circumstances. A conviction can result in capital punishment or life in prison without parole.
  • Second-degree murder – this is a murder that is willful but not deliberate or premeditated.
  • Felony murder rule – Some crimes are charged based on the felony murder rule, which is committing an act that turns any related death into first-degree murder. This applies to both first and second-degree murder

Regardless of the specific charges, homicide and murder are always extremely serious. A conviction can result in significant penalties, including extended prison sentences, life in prison, or capital punishment. If you or a loved one has been charged with murder or homicide, contact a Southern California murder lawyer immediately.

Strong Defense Strategies

There are several possible defense strategies that can be used when a client is charged with murder. These may include acting in self-defense, defending another person, accidental killings, mistaken identity, evidence was obtained via illegal search and seizure, false or coerced confessions, and the insanity defense. The best strategy depends on your specific situation. Our Southern California homicide attorney can evaluate your case and recommend the optimum defense for your circumstances.

Facing a murder charge? Call (626) 714-3112 to discuss your case with our attorney.

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