Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes Defense Attorney

A violent crime is a crime where the offender uses violence against the victim or threats of violence. With a violent crime the violence can be the main objective as in murder, or it can be a means to an end as in a robbery. A violent crime can be committed with or without a weapon used against the victim. Aside from rape which accounts for 6% of all reported violent crimes, males are the primary victim in all types of violent crime. If a weapon was used in order to commit the crime against the victim, then the offense is typically prosecuted as a felony.

In California, the most common types of violent crimes include: sexual assault, assault, battery, gang crimes, domestic violence, stalking, hate crimes, false imprisonment, vehicular manslaughter, manslaughter, murder, hate crimes, criminal (terrorist) threats, kidnapping, arson, and carjacking. If you have been arrested for committing a violent crime, please contact a criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Paul S. Geller without delay.

Crimes and Punishments

If a person is convicted of a violent crime they could be facing jail or prison sentencing, community service, heft monetary fines, probation or parole and participation in an anger management class. These crimes can carry heavy punishments and what’s more, if you have any priors, a conviction could count as a strike under California’s “three strikes” law. As in any criminal offense, you have the right to a defense. Just because you were arrested, does not mean you have to be found guilty. Our lead attorney, Paul S. Geller is more than your average criminal defense attorney; he is also a former Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County where he garnered a reputation for being one of the toughest lawyers in their office. Today, he uses the knowledge he gained as a prosecutor to the benefit of his criminal defense clients. Contact the firm today for the aggressive defense representation you have been looking for.

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