Sex Crime Registration

Sex crimes can affect your life not just today, but years to come.  If you are convicted of a “registerable sex offense”, at a minimum, you will be required to register yearly with your local police department.  Additionally, you will be placed on the “Megan’s Law” website, which will identify you as a registered sex offender to all of the public.  If you fail to comply with the sex registration requirements, that in and of itself is another felony crime.  That is why you need to hire a criminal defense attorney who knows the effect these types of charges can have on your future.

Sex Registration offenses are indicated in Penal Code §290, and include but are not limited to:

  • murder committed in the perpetration or attempt to perpetrate, rape
  • rape
  • oral copulation
  • kidnapping to commit a sex crime
  • sodomy
  • lewd or lascivious acts
  • forcible penetration
  • conspiracy to commit any of the above offenses

and many more.  Do not take these cases lightly.  Hire a criminal defense attorney with knowledge of this area of law.  We can help you.

You have rights.  You should exercise those rights.  And the only way to do so is to hire a criminal defense attorney who handles these cases properly.

Do not talk to police.  Do not provide statements, even if you think they are statements which declare your innocence – they will only be twisted and used against you.  First, consult with a lawyer.

Do not consent to a search of your person/residence/vehicle.  Demand a search warrant.

Ask for your lawyer.  These are your constitutional rights – exercise them!

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