Drug Crimes

If you are arrested for a drug offense, you need to be fully aware of all of the options available to you, the burden that the prosecutors have to prove their case and how you can fight them, and what possibilities await you if you are convicted.  Many people simply do not consult with a criminal defense attorney in order to settle their drug case.  This can have devastating results, to both your personal and professional life, and for years to come.  That is why you need to consult with a criminal defense lawyer who remains educated in this ever changing area.

Some examples of drug crimes or narcotic offenses include:

    • unlawful possession of a marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, etc.
    • unlawful possession of prescription drugs
    • possession for sale
    • distribution of illegal drugs
    • transportation of illegal drugs
    • manufacturing of illegal drugs

There are also enhancements which can severely increase the time you could be sent to state prison if you are convicted of these types of charges, such as also being In possession of a firearm or gun, having a large amount of the illegal substance, etc.  Our office is very familiar with how law enforcement is going to try to paint the picture of you through the use of their “experts”.  They will look at several factors in the way the narcotics were recovered; they will use tools such as wiretaps to investigate and listen to your conversations.  Having been a former deputy district attorney, we know how to properly handle and defend you in these cases.  Choose a criminal defense lawyer with the knowledge and experience to fight for you, all the way.

You have rights.  You should exercise those rights.  And the only way to do so is to hire a criminal defense attorney who handles these cases properly.

Do not talk to police.  Do not provide statements, even if you think they are statements which declare your innocence – they will only be twisted and used against you.  First, consult with a lawyer.

Do not consent to a search of your person/residence/vehicle.  Demand a search warrant.

Ask for your lawyer.  These are your constitutional rights – exercise them!

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