Client Testimonials

Disclaimer: These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

“I don’t have words to say Thank You! for belief in my family and the most to XXXXXXX.

Just today I read the final outcome.

I believe that everybody deserves an opportunity in life, learn from our mistakes; believe in the flame that everybody has inside and it drives to do better and bring the best of ourselves.

Thank you for being professional with kindness and belief in Justice and Peace. I don’t say it because you helped my son. I say because I see on you, your actions and the passion you have for what you believe.” JCM

“Paul – You’re family to us, you gave comfort while being honest and demonstrated leadership when it was needed the most as well as being understanding to the situation and worked with us. You turned helpless to hopeful as you worked the angles like a pro. You stayed on top of this till the very end and stayed involved when you didn’t have to.” J.H.
“Paul – Thank you so much! You have no idea what you really did for me. And the impact you have had on changing my life moving forward. Now, I can put this all behind me and no longer have to worry about this. I finally got some form of justice! You are truly THE BEST!” C.V.B.
“Paul, THANK YOU!!!!! SOOOOO MUCH!!! You have no idea what you really did for me… And, the impact that you have had on changing my life moving forward! Now, I can put this all behind me and no longer having to worry about this. I just feel like… I finally got at least some form of justice… & You are truly THE BEST. Thank you.” Chenille M.

“Paul- you are family to us, you gave comfort while being honest and demonstrated leadership when it was needed the most as well as being understanding to the situation and worked with us. You turned helpless to hopeful as you worked the angle’s like a pro. You stayed on top of this till the very end and stayed involved when you didn’t have to…You took care of my son, I owe you brother.” A Satisfied Client

“Paul completely saved my license in my second time DUI refusal case. Amazing lawyer.” A.M.

“A hard-working, aggressive, incredible lawyer. Thank you Paul for taking my DUI case to trial and getting all of my charges dismissed. You’re amazing.” Derald L.

“Paul took the time to fight for me, drastically reducing my punishment and the charges for felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter.” James L.

“Thanks, Paul, for keeping me out of jail and truly caring about my situation with a third offense DUI and my probation violation! He truly cares and works hard for his clients.” R.G.

“Paul got my 2nd DUI case reduced and kept me out of jail where most people go to jail, while keeping me clean on my first DUI probation violation, AND getting my suspended license charge dismissed! Amazing lawyer!” M.M

“No plea bargain – Paul took my DUI with a refusal to jury trial, and beat it! Thanks, Paul.”K.F.

“Paul, you rescued my family from despair during one of the darkest periods of our lives. when we were confronted with a legal system that was overwhelming and intimidating; you stepped in and took control. My son was falsely charged with felony assault. You made our case your priority and treated us with care and respect. Within 48 hours of you taking the case, he was released. He was not arraigned, nor even formally arrested. Due to your aggressive, skilled and knowledgeable defense my son’s goal of joining the military is still achievable. The professional manner you handled our case was answered prayer.

Thank You Paul!”A Felony Rape/Sexual Assault Client

“Paul is one of the most knowledgeable and aggressive lawyers I’ve ever met. He got my drug possession for sale case thrown out, and the DA tried to charge me again. He got it thrown out a second time. Unbelievable. Thanks Paul.”Jason A.

“Paul used his lawyer skills, and his familiarity and knowledge of the court and DA to get my felony assault charges dismissed. Thank you Paul for helping me through this.” C.M.

“I can’t thank you enough, Paul, for getting my grand theft charges dismissed. You saved my family. I wish I had hired you from the beginning.” J.Y.

“First Time DUI: Reduced to Exhibition of Speed – “Just wanted to say thank you and that I am very grateful. You the man!” M.L.

“DUI with a.14/.14 Breath Test: Reduced to Reckless Driving – “Paul, you saved my career!” A.Z.

“I can’t thank you enough, Paul. With a.15 blood result, I thought my nursing career was over. You saved my license from any suspension, and the court case completely dismissed. Amazing!” M.B. (San Bernardino)

“You did an amazing job! Thanks, Paul!” P.V.

“Mr. Geller handled my daughters 2nd DUI case, he was amazing, he treated my daughters case as if hers was the most important case, she was also being charged with violation of probation, he got her an amazing deal, saved her from jail time, and helped get her the help she needed. He treated her with such respect, he really cared about her. He is a great attorney!!!! My daughter also got behind on what was needed to get done and had violated probation, again Mr. Geller was there, went to court worked everything out with court and got her an additional time of a year to get everything completed. He is truly a Wonderful Attorney.”Traci
“Mr. Geller and his Assistant were amazing. They handled everything for me and were very knowledgeable and not mention professional. I was informed of everything that was happening every step of the way. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who might be in need of an Attorney. No one likes to be in a position where they need legal assistance but they made my experience a lot more stress free.” Maggie

“Paul Geller is an excellent attorney. He is more than simply an attorney because he cared about you as a member of his family and would not look at you or judge you as a criminal. He was always on time in all court hearings. His office assistant also answers the phone and provides you with any information that you need. In addition, Paul would answer my emails as quickly as possible with any questions that I had. When he took my case, I visited many attorneys in person but it was a very hard decision to trust someone. Because many attorneys would get his/her money and then you just wish for the best outcome.I am very glad that he was my attorney and because of his skills, my case was dismissed six months sooner than I expected.” A Criminal Defense Client

“Being out of state I needed someone who was going to keep me informed and was good at returning calls. Paul always returned my calls in a timely manner and always kept me in the loop on what was going on. In the end Paul got me a dismissal! Thanks Paul for the great work!” Will
“My case was a felony charge which I wasn’t prepared nor capable of handling myself. My wife and I decided to call several lawyers for legal advice. Paul Geller was the first to respond and on the weekend. I decided to work with Paul because he was assuring and confident about a successful outcome. My case is now awaiting a dismissal of all charges, thanks to Paul. Throughout my court dates and program, Paul has been there and has helped me navigate through the legal system. I would recommend Paul Geller to my friends and family.” A Domestic Violence Client
“It was a pleasure working with Mr. Geller. His broad knowledge of the California criminal laws were impressive, but his experience as a former LA County prosecutor put my mind at ease. He took the time to field my questions, and was always accessible, even on weekends. I would not hesitate to refer friends and colleagues to him.” A Criminal Defense Client
“About 5 months ago I was charged with a Drunk in Public in Fullerton. I had heard of Paul Geller through a friend, so i contacted him and right of the bat i could tell he would be able to help me out and was very reasonably priced. Obviously no one wants to carry around an embarrassing misdemeanor charge like that around, so he was able to make a deal with the DA and had my charges dropped. Best money spent. He’s very good at communication and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone who needs a Criminal Defense lawyer.” A Criminal Defense Client
“As a lawyer myself, I recommend Paul to all my client’s seeking representation against criminal prosecution. Paul is highly knowledgeable and will truly take on your fight as his own. I know, because he represented me in my own case and was able to reduce my DUI to a lesser charge.” A Criminal Defense Client
“I found this attorney to be a perfect attorney. He got me dropped of all charges and I didn’t even need to show up for court. He did everything for me and I had no problems. I would recommend him for anyone.” A Federal Crime Client

“I found Paul on the internet looking for a local attorney, and I will have to say that I think I lucked out completely. I really didn’t want to let my family and friends know what had happened to me, so I was really nervous about finding a reputable attorney. Anyhow, I went to visit him once, and he took care of everything (i.e. DMV, court appearance, etc). Everything else was via the phone or email.I got to keep my license, and a couple of months later, the case was reduced to a reckless. Best money I ever spent, and he also takes credit cards.” A DUI Client

“I was arrested on 04/2008 for DUI, spent a night in jail (probably as most of the arrested for DUI). I went to 10 lawyer for consultation and the most reasonable , honest and knowledgeable person was Paul ( he still is 🙂 ).

My case is a bit complicated as i have been charged for a refusal to chemical test even that the CHP had 2 readings out of 10 attempts.

However after tough fight and it’s not over yet, the APS (DMV) Hearing was set aside as Paul was able to proof that I didn’t refuse.

Now we are waiting for court decision and I’m positive that Paul is fighting for my rights.

He is always replying to your messages even if you not calling him and just emailing him.

I would strongly recommend this lawyer if you have been arrested for DUI.” A DUI Client

“My DUI arrest will be an experience that I will wear with me for the rest of my life. Nothing quite compares to the humiliation and shame you feel especially when thrown into a jail cell. However, with that being said, from the first consultation with Mr. Geller, he was extremely courteous and professional, and provided me with a since of calm reassurance that he could obtain a favorable outcome due to the circumstances of my case. He was responsive to my emails and calls, answered all of my questions, and kept me informed regarding the progress of my case. My case resulted in a favorable outcome in which my DUI charge was reduced to an infraction that carried no points against my driving history. Because of Mr. Geller’s zealous and expert representation, he renewed my trust in our legal system. I would highly recommend him to all persons seeking expert, legal representation.” A DUI Client
“I first met Paul S. Gellar about a year ago when I was charged with a felony charge that was taken way out of proportion. From my first consultation with Paul, he explained what the positive outcome would be for my case, and true to his word, what he say came true. Paul kept me informed about every detail and was always there for any question and concerns I had. Paul S Gellar is a very professional, intelligent, honest man and he truly lives up to his reputation. I could tell that he truly cared about the outcome of my case just as much as i did and that gave me comfort knowing i was being represented by the best. Thanks to Paul he was able to avoid a felony conviction and avoided any jail time for me. I sincerely thank Paul S. Gellar for helping me get through the hardest time of my life and I wish the best for him and his family. I strongly recommend Paul S Gellar to everyone as I’m extremely confident that he would get the best outcome for your case. Thanks again Paul and Great Job!” A Criminal Defense Client
DUI charges
“Thank you so much for getting my case dismissed. You really took off a huge load off my shoulders. I sincerely appreciate your professional down to Earth manner, concern, and diligence on getting me cleared. I am so glad that I was able to connect with you to represent me. I would not have it any other way!” G.S.
Felony Charges
“Paul’s dedication over two years on multiple felony charges saved my professional career and got the case reduced to an insignificant misdemeanor charge, never any jail, and I’ve expunged it off of my records. A great lawyer.” J.B.
Battery Charges
“Paul took the time to research the information he had, to build a case in my defense, that got the charges dismissed!” K.K.
Solicitation/ Prostitution Charges
“Paul was amazing. He kept me calm and positive. He looked at my case from all angles and discussed everything he was doing to ultimately get my case dismissed. He is very creative and caring, truly a great defense attorney.” D.S.
Convicted Felon with a Firearm Charge
“Paul filed a suppression of evidence motion, which ultimately kept me out of jail for firearms violations. He was a tremendous help in my life.” A.D.
DUI Charges
“I can’t think you enough, Paul. With a .15 blood result, I thought my nursing career was over. You saved my license from any suspension, and the court case completely dismissed. Amazing!”M.B ( San Bernardino)
DUI Charges
“Paul was able to reduce my DUI charge to a speeding ticket, and he saved driver’s license with the DMV.” A.K.
Conspiracy Charges
“Mr. Geller thoroughly investigated my case, built my defense, and did a great job cross examining witnesses, which led to a dismissal of felony conspiracy charges.” B.G.
Assault with a Deadly Weapon Charges
“Thank you for taking the time to research my case, which led to the dismissal.”T.B.
Vehicular Manslaughter Charge
“You saved my life, Paul. Thank you!”
NOT GULLTY Jury Verdict
O.F., Felony Vehicular Manslaughter
DUI Charges
“Thank you, Paul, for getting my 2nd DUI while on probation case dismissed! And for saving my driver’s license. GREAT WORK!” A.T.
Jury Trial
“Child Endangerment – Not Guilty; Battery – Not Guilty; Criminal Threats – Not Guilty!
Thank you Paul!” – M.R.

Disclaimer: These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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