Federal Agents Seize Dozens Of Firearms Worth Thousands Of Dollars From High-Ranking Pasadena Police Officer

Government records showed that around 5 dozen firearms, worth thousands of dollars, have been seized from a high-ranking Pasadena police officer in 2017.

Everyone knew that the home of Officer Sierra Madre was searched on 16th of February by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, but what was found there was not made public.

The home of Lt. Vasken Gourdikian was also full of firearms as 57 firearms were seized from his home as well. He recently served as the Pasadena Police Department’s spokesman. The worth of the firearms in his home ranged from $100 to $3,800 and the firearms included:

  • 30 pistols
  • 3 shotguns
  • 20 rifles
  • Bushmaster combat rifle worth $1,700

He was placed on paid leave after the department found the firearms and an investigation was started on his case. His details were also eliminated from the city website.

Gourdikian has not been charged with a crime as it is said that the search of his home was not linked to the position on which he was working for the department.

According to an ATF spokeswoman named Ginger Colbrun, a case of an officer is under investigation; but she didn’t made the name of the officer public.

Ginger Colbrun, an ATF spokeswoman, said there was an ongoing federal investigation into the officer, but she declined to comment on it. She also did not identify the officer.

Almost a month and a half after the search, the top ATF agent in Los Angeles, Eric Harden, said that the investigator had seized more than 100 off-roster guns bought by the cops. Those firearms were not mentioned in the list of guns that residents can purchase. However, cops are allowed to purchase those weapons for safety purposes.

The investigation on the off-roaster firearms was started after the sale of firearms and weapons found at crime scenes was reported. Weapons found on crime scenes, in many cases, are about 10 years from the time of purchase and when they are utilized on the crime scene.

According to Colbrun, the department has seen enforcement officers who were acting as firearm dealers. They also saw cops violating federal laws as they were buying and reselling weapons without a federal firearms license.

Colbrun added, “Further digging revealed some law enforcement officers who made significant purchases and resale of firearms.”

ATF officials want to give knowledge to the cops and law enforcement officers about the off-roster guns, so they know the restrictions.

In 2016, former Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy named Ryan McGowan used his post to buy off-roster guns, then sold them again at a higher rate on the private market. Prosecutor also said that he worked with a licensed gun dealer to escape federal law.

A jury convicted McGowan of dealing firearms without a license and fake records for which he was sent to prison for one and a half year.

News Source: www.LATimes.com

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