To have a case “expunged” means to have it removed from your criminal record. The fact that you have a conviction for a crime, no matter how large or small, may often affect your life years from now. The most common disruption is when you are applying for a job and asked if you were ever convicted of a crime. If the conviction is still on your record, you must answer “yes”. Another common situation is when applying to the military. Any criminal conviction must be disclosed. Still another common problem is if you are not a U.S. citizen, and immigration wants to have you removed, deported, or because you are applying to become a U.S. citizen, a legal permanent resident, or are applying for a visa. Our offices have the experience to help.

Many crimes and convictions, whether felonies or misdemeanors, can be expunged from your record. In fact, some crimes give you the absolute right to have a conviction expunged. We have handled hundred of expungements, and can clear up your past so that you can move forward in your life. We have the knowledge, experience, and familiarity with the Courts to know where to file these applications, what motions and applications to file, and what other avenues might be available to have these convictions removed from your record (such as a Motion to Vacate Conviction or Motion to Withdraw a Plea).

Knowing the Courthouses and the parties involved (prosecutors, Judges, court staff) is just as important as knowing how to properly handle these delicate yet time sensitive issues. Let our offices protect your freedom by clearing up your past.

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