Case Preparation

stampA conviction for any of the above charges, in a domestic relationship or intimate relationship between the defendant and victim, may still require you to perform certain mandatory counseling and minimum fines, because your relationship dictates the punishment by law.  Therefore, contacting a lawyer who knows these potential consequences is crucial!

The person arrested should not talk to anyone before speaking with the attorney.  Often times, people try to proclaim their innocence, but law enforcement officers and police know how to use such declarations against the arrestee, engaging them in unexpected conversations and obtaining statements which out of context will be used against them.

We can immediately make attempts to have the person released from custody with either a bail reduction, being released on their own recognizance, or contacting a reputable bail bondsman to assist in immediate release.

We can address any emergency protective order which the police may have executed at the arrest site.

We understand that an arrest for domestic violence can seriously disrupt your personal and professional life.  We can assist in handling the matter swiftly, aggressively, and quietly to get you back into your usual routine.

In preparing your case for court, we will put the prosecutors to their burden of proving their case beyond a reasonable doubt.  If they don’t have the evidence against you, the witnesses are unavailable thereby violating your constitutional right to confront and cross examine the witnesses against you, or it was a case of self defense, we will be fully prepared to fight for your rights!

You have rights.  You should exercise those rights.  And the only way to do so is to hire a criminal defense attorney who handles these cases properly.

Do not talk to police.  Do not provide statements, even if you think they are statements which declare your innocence – they will only be twisted and used against you.  First, consult with a lawyer.

Do not consent to a search of your person/residence/vehicle.  Demand a search warrant.

Ask for your lawyer.  These are your constitutional rights – exercise them!

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