Paul S. Geller, Esq.

Persistence, Knowledge, Dedication.

PGellar2We at the Law Offices of Paul S. Geller are dedicated to providing the type of criminal defense you should expect when hiring private counsel. These are the characteristics which are common among all of our goals.

First, we want you to have an understanding of the events and proceedings during our representation. It is extremely important to us that you clearly understand the charges you’re being faced with, the potential consequences, and the criminal process. We will take the time to explain anything which seems confusing, and will make ourselves as available as possible to answer your questions and concerns, even after hours.

Second, we strive to keep an open line of communication between our clients and the firm. We are firm believers that in building your defense, we need to work as partners with our clients. The trust between a lawyer and his client must be held in the strictest confidence to ensure the best possible defense.

Lastly, expect to be handled with the utmost professionalism, with an eye not only on keeping you out of jail and minimizing the criminal penalties you could be faced with, but also with the awareness of how the criminal charges can affect other aspects of your life. Many of our clients are professionals and could face additional penalties affecting their professional licenses, such as chiropractors, doctors, lawyers, physical therapists, etc. Additionally, many crimes could have an effect on your driver’s license, auto insurance, etc. We will do everything in your best interest not only in defending your criminal case, but with an awareness on other potential consequences.

Having a diverse background is one of the reasons Mr. Geller can negotiate and argue cases so effectively. Although a native of southern California , Mr. Geller displayed his leadership skills playing college baseball and obtaining his Bachelor of Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder . After working in the corporate world in San Francisco for two years, he returned to Los Angeles , attending Southwestern University School of Law. He volunteered and worked throughout law school for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. Upon graduating from law school, he was employed with the L.A. D.A.’s Office for several years as a trial attorney, where he tried all types of cases from DUIs to murder. He has always been active in professional and community activities, including the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the Beverly Hills Bar Association, the Indigent Criminal Defense Appointments Program, coaching trial advocacy teams at Southwestern University , and judging trial advocacy competitions. It is Mr. Geller’s well roundedness that has enabled him to succeed as a criminal defense attorney. His dedication and ability to relate and communicate with people has enabled him to negotiate settlements and dismissals, often on the eve of trial

Organizations and Memberships:

  • CertiificatesCalifornia DUI Lawyers Association;
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association;
  • Pasadena Bar Association;
  • former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney;
  • Indigent Criminal Defense Appointments Program;
  • Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctorate;
  • Specialized Driving Under the Influence Defense Training by the National College for DUI Defense;
  • Certified Training on Field Sobriety Tests and DUI/DWI Detection
  • Certified in use and calibration of the Alco-Sensor IV alcohol detection device

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