An Overview Of Domestic Violence And Assault Cases in California

Interviewer: Is there a domestic violence, I mean like throughout the years, have you seen like an increase in domestic violence or has it stayed the same?

Paul Geller: Yes.  There’s definitely been an increase watching the news recently if you follow the NFL obviously as well bringing to light a lot of what normally was going on behind the close doors and bringing some of these unfortunate circumstances to the forefront. I think in some respect, it’s due to as well certainly the publicity of this and the suicidal discussion that brings to light the fact that this although maybe has been going on for quite some, it’s not necessarily a suicidal norm that we should be accepting as. From a standpoint of how often this takes place, I think there’s been an increase and we see a lot of violence in movies and in television and I think that, in some respect, desensitize different generations as they continue to get older and grow out of adolescence and perhaps that’s one of the causes for the increase.

Law Enforcement Agencies Are Keen to Make An Arrest When Responding to a Call of Domestic Violence

Another certainly is the part of law enforcement in bringing to light any call that’s presented to them in the domestic violence format and they need to protect their agency and themselves by making an arrest anytime they respond to a call involving domestic violence.  There may have been times in the past, you know, going back to a couple of decades probably, Pre-O.J. Simpson where a domestic violence call may be investigated by law enforcement found to be relatively minor and often times, they may call and they heat at the moment and by the time the police get there, they’ve sort of re-sort their original position and maybe both of them were at fault.  That happens very, very often and we can talk about that afterwards.

There have been Tragic Results in the Past where Police Failed to Remove One of the Parties from a Domestic Violence Situation

It used to be that perhaps once the police kind of investigated and spoke to everybody that everyone went on to their own separate way, meaning the police and the two people involved and that’s just not the case anymore.  Once the law enforcement gets involved, there’s too much at stake, there’s too much liability for them to do nothing.  And so, the majority of the time, no matter how minor the offense, somebody’s going to get arrested. What happens later on is a different question that we can talk about but the police had too many situations where if they don’t remove one of the parties from the location by way of arrest, there have been situations where tragic results have occurred and for that reason, even in very, very minor situations more often than not someone is going to get arrested from a domestic violence call.

There has been an Increase in Domestic Violence Cases in California

So, I think from the numerical standpoint of whether there’s been an increase or not, I think there certainly have by way of arrest.  Likewise, when that case is subsequently brought to a prosecutor more often than not by using the same sort of process that I just explained on behalf of law enforcement, the same can be said for the prosecuting agencies who would prefer to file a case and then, put someone into an anger management program no matter how minor the offense for fear of political backlash if they were to dismiss or do nothing.  So, from that perspective, I think you’ve also seen an increase.

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